Why Your Business Needs a Professional Data Backup System in Everett

shutterstock_519949192If you are still relying on a traditional data backup system in Everett for the critical documentation at your company, know that there are a number of issues that may develop that can have catastrophic consequences if something goes wrong. Be aware of the following problems that are evident with old-school backup systems:

  • Traditional backup strategies transfer data to storage media like tape, which can be unreliable.
  • Completing all of the required tasks involved with tape rotation and replacement, in addition to a many other processes, can be faulty due to human error.
  • Data backup may be unsuccessful and may not be noticed until it is too late.
  • Full backups must be completed weekly due to tape attributes, creating delays and “backup of the backups.”
  • Tape backups are notorious for slow speed and other problems.
  • Strangely, tapes are usually stored in the same place as the original data. Floods, fires and other disasters can destroy everything.
  • Expanding backup systems and libraries of tapes are costly.
  • Tapes have the potential and likelihood to break, crack, get old and unreadable or be misplaced.
  • Tapes and readers must be maintained properly and cleaned regularly.
  • When you necessarily update your system to remain current with technological advances, it is not likely to be compatible with the older tapes that hold valuable data.

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