We offer a wide range of services and have ample experience in numerous different fields of business.

General Computer Services

We do it all. Down below we will go through our services, but to sum it up, any kind of software or hardware installs and troubleshooting we take care of. Even viruses are normally no problem, will come out to your house or business clean your computer, and get you setup for a safer computer experience.

New Computers

We have built new computer systems for years and still believe in selling a product that was hand put together right here in Lynnwood, rather than assembled on the fly by someone a few continents away. Most of the time you can get more system for your money, and it will be more reliable. We also handle our own warranty work so if something does go wrong with your PC we are just a phone call away. No pressing 1 or 2 for the next option.


Sometimes you don’t even need a new computer, your old one just needs a little love. We can look over your old computer, and in a lot of cases solve your problems at a fraction of the cost of a new PC.

Custom Websites

We can build you a website you will really be proud of. We offer good competitive pricing, and have built for numerous fields of business. Take a look at our Portfolio to view some of our work.

Hosting and E-mail

Not only will we build a website for you, we can host it as well! With the internet becoming more and more confusing everyday, wouldn’t it be nice to have only one number to call for all your needs? We thought so, we offer full hosting and e-mail plans, with great uptime, and fast response times. Even if you already have a website you can always migrate it over if you are not happy with your current hosts.

SEO Solutions

We can help drive you more internet traffic, and help raise your ranking on all the major search engines with our SEO packages. Let us help you increase your footprint on the web.


Sometimes to get exactly what you want out of a piece of software, you need to have it built just the way you want. Ask for details, we build custom applications for any size company. We offer low prices and quick turnaround. Also unlike some custom software companies we don’t outsource our coding work to India or China. If we are going to do it, its done right here at home.

Advanced Networking

Networks done right. We can set up satellite offices, VPN networks, anything you want we are very capable of handling. Please check our portfolio to see a list of project and details.

Backup Solutions

We have a lot of experience with on site and off site backup systems. Most backup systems are extremely affordable, and data recovery is extremely expensive. For home or for business you should always have a backup system. If you don’t it could very well come back to haunt you.

Data Recovery

Everyone’s worst fear is a total loss of data from a hardware failure. We can normally always recover the lost data, its better to be safe then sorry. A good backup is a lifesaver.