General Computer Services

General Computer ServicesEven if you have a lot of experience using a computer at home, when it comes to your business, it can be quite different. It’s incredibly tough to troubleshoot computer problems and run a business at the same time, no matter how much IT expertise you have or what size your business is. Technology Portal is here to help. While we offer a very broad range of computer and IT services across a large spectrum, we also offer general computer services as well.

This means, if you encounter a virus or have trouble installing updates, we can help you through it once, or we can be your regular go-to for computer services and managed IT work. Even if your computer or network is simply running a little sluggishly, we’re here to help troubleshoot it and get it back on track so that your business can run seamlessly. Sometimes, all a computer needs is a good “cleaning” to get it back on track. Even if you have the knowledge to tackle these types of problems, perhaps you don’t have the time. And that’s where Technology Portal can help make your life a little simpler. We can help clean and update your software, and make sure that everything is virus-free, so that you have peace of mind when you’re running your business.

We will gladly come out to your home or business to help fix the problem and provide general computer services, as well as more detailed ones. To find out what Technology Portal can help you with in the Seattle and surrounding areas, call us today at (425)220-9294 to learn how we can turn your computer problems into solutions.