You Know You Have Great IT Support in Lynnwood When . . .

You Know You Have Great IT Support in Lynnwood When . . .If you have ever experienced problems with your computer you know just how frustrating it can be. To compound the problem, talking with tech support personnel who are not terribly helpful can make you want to throw both your phone and the computer out the window. You know you have excellent IT support in Lynnwood when these qualities are met to your satisfaction:

  • Willing to listen to your problem and understand it, usually repeating back to you what you have said for clarification.
  • Able to ask leading questions to delve into the true nature of the issue.
  • Take responsibility for premium service and be able to own mistakes.\
  • Able to find solutions, even if he does not know the answer himself.
  • Have the knowledge, or access to it, and confidence necessary to solve the problem.
  • Be able to follow through the solution process until its satisfactory completion.
  • Address issues in a timely manner that is also thorough and efficient.
  • Be accurate and precise in information related to the customer.

When you have excellent customer service, be sure to let someone at the company know that your situation has been resolved in a professional way. Respect goes both ways.

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