Protect Your Business with Data Backup Services in Everett

Protect Your Business with Data Backup Services in EverettWith virtually every business and every individual online in a variety of ways, from websites to social media, numerous opportunities exist for problems to develop. Data breaches are increasing on a daily basis, both here at home and internationally. To protect yourself and your company, sign up for data backup services in Everett, in addition to taking other crucial actions.

• Employ tight security measures to prevent data from being hacked and monitor all online activity for potential issues that may develop
• Utilize cloud encryption which is a complicated algorithm that only trusted employees can access.
• Require all employees to create strong passwords. Combinations of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers are best.
• Install and update security software.
• Have a plan for recovery just in case a security breach occurs.
• Take advantage of a managed hosting service to backup data and sensitive information on a regular basis that may be as often as hourly, depending on the type of business you operate.

Be certain that all employees are aware of data sensitivity with which they work and that they follow predetermined guidelines on how to handle it.

Following these valuable tips will not guarantee that you will not be hacked – nothing can do that – but it will provide extra security measures that you can count on to protect you and your business.

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