IT Support in Kirkland

IT Support in Kirkland

The Internet is a complex and intricate world. It has thrown many businesses through a loop and can be very convoluted and confusing. However, a business’s digital footprint is very important, and can even make or break your reputation if you aren’t careful. This is one reason why it is so important to work with a firm that provides top notch IT support. Technology Portal has been providing businesses with IT support in Kirkland since 2004. We’ve seen the digital landscape and the digital age change drastically in this time period, and it is through this experience that we’ve helped countless businesses with building and maintaining custom websites, hosting and email, and even SEO solutions, just to name a few. Contact the team at Technology Portal today to learn more about IT Support in Kirkland.

Here is a quick breakdown of the types of services businesses can find by partnering with Technology Portal:


  • General computer services – From hardware or software installations to troubleshooting, Technology Portal offers a wide range of general computer services that meet your needs.
  • New computers – We specialize in building new systems and even performing upgrades and making repairs on older systems, saving businesses money.
  • Upgrades – Many functionality problems can be solved by making simple upgrades.
  • Custom websites – Every business needs a website today. Find out your options with Technology Portal.
  • Hosting and email – Having a website is great, but it useless without having a team that can host your website and provide email with fast response times.
  • SEO solutions – Get your business’ website found with simple SEO solutions.
  • Programming – Have an application or program that needs to fit your business? Contact our team to ensure that program or application is programmed to fit your individual needs.
  • Advanced networking – Protect your data and files by taking advantage of offsite or advanced networking options such as satellite offices and VPN networks.
  • Backup solutions – Your business is too important not to have a data backup plan. Technology Portal offers affordable plans for businesses.
  • Data recovery – Avoid lost data, corrupt files, and hardware malfunctions and failures with having a data recovery plan.


To learn more about IT support services, small business IT support, IT support company, IT support specialist and IT support in Kirkland, contact Technology Portal today at (425)220-9294.

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