IT Service in Lynnwood

IT Service in Lynnwood

Running a business can take a lot of time, energy, resources and determination. There are successes, wins, pitfalls and challenges. Another area that involves a lot of work and consideration to keep things moving is IT. Businesses spend a great deal of time and energy making sure IT support and infrastructures are moving smoothly. This is because most technical areas of a business is a huge investment. Therefore, it’s important to consider working with an organization that specializes in IT support and services. Contact the team at Technology Portal for IT service in Lynnwood.

IT service can include providing support for technical issues with computers, devices, and other machines, security, and troubleshooting. At Technology Portal, here are just a few of the areas we offer to businesses:

    • General computer services – hardware and/ or software installations, upgrades, and troubleshooting
    • Clean up – detecting viruses, cleaning up old files, removing “clutter” to optimize performance time and storage.
    • New computers – building new computers, customized and tailored to a business’ needs.
    • Troubleshooting – troubleshooting existing hardware and/ or software and perform upgrades and clean up services to boost machine performance and run times.
    • Custom websites – building and designing custom websites for businesses.
    • Hosting and email – website and email hosting with superior uptimes and fast response times.
    • SEO solutions – boost search engine rank and drive more traffic to your website with SEO solutions.
    • Programming – building and customizing software and applications for specific business needs.
    • Advanced networking – networking capabilities and options can include satellite offices and VPN networks.
    • Backup solutions – data backup and system and data recovery plans to protect your business’ data and files in the event of a security breach or other emergency.


For IT service companies, IT service delivery, IT service contract and  IT service in Lynnwood, contact Technology Portal today at (425)220-9294.

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