Improve Efficiency With Exchange & Office Email Migrations

Improve Efficiency  With Exchange & Office Email Migrations KirklandThere are often situations that occur within a company that require  exchange & office email migrations in Kirkland, including upgrades and software transfers. It may be that you are upgrading to a centralized administration center and need to bring all of the individual mailboxes on board. By completing this process in stages, you will eventually bring all users to the same exchange and hopefully create a more seamless and efficient system.

A professional IT consultant will determine what type of migration will be necessary, depending upon how many mailboxes must be transferred and the type of current system you are utilizing. Note that mailboxes only will be migrated. Directory synchronization will be required for contacts, distribution groups and mail-embedded users. Out-of-office messages and notifications will need to be re-established after migration, as well.The tech professional will also assign new licenses to each user, create a DNS record and disable old exchange servers, as required.

While it is possible to complete an office email migration on your own, particularly for a very small business with few users, it is well worth the effort to hire someone with the specific knowledge necessary to successfully transfer multiple mailboxes within a medium-sized or large organization to ensure that operations are not interrupted and disruptions are kept to a minimum.

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